Decision Made (Part 2)

I shared my thoughts with my husband and as always he encouraged me to follow through if it was what I really wanted to do. I began praying about what I should do and as I prayed I could feel an excitement building within me. Should I do this? Should I forget about it? A few weeks went by and I finally made a decision. I would blog. My friend and I share coffee once a week so when she stopped by for our weekly coffee I told her I had decided to blog. “Yay!” Now what? What can I possibly blog about?

“You’re good at helping people, you should blog about that.” Um, hello, I don’t have a degree. I just listen and offer advice when asked. “You’re a good listener.” And so we tossed more ideas back and forth. Faith, Hope, Encourage, Life. Those were the things that came to mind. I’m excited about this new chapter and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey of life. Blessings!

New Beginning

I’ve always loved to read and write. I also like to help others by being there for them whether to be a listening post or to offer advice when asked. I recently had coffee with a friend of mine and as we were talking I mentioned the idea of starting a blog or pod cast. Her answer was swift and encouraging. “Do it!” she said as she sipped her coffee. We bounced ideas back and forth and I have to admit while the thought of starting a blog was exciting, it was also a little scary. Do I have what it takes to gain an audience? I decided I needed to pray about it before making a decision.

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